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A Bespoke Sale

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Seller Services

There’s no place like home, and that’s why Julie goes above and beyond when it comes to making sure you’ve found just the right property. Whether you’re relocating, upgrading, downsizing or buying land for a future project, Julie will take the time to understand your unique wants and needs. With her in-depth market analysis and keen insight, Julie will ensure that your purchase meets your needs and makes you excited to call it home.

What Julie Can Offer

Since your home is likely your largest financial asset, Julie wants you to feel educated and confident as you move forward with your sale. She’ll take the time to walk you through the selling process, help you understand current market conditions and outline your goals for the transaction.

With a constantly changing housing market, it’s important to know exactly where you stand. Julie is particularly skilled in strategic product positioning — she’ll help you understand the local competitive landscape, how much your home is worth and potential improvements you could make to increase your return on investment.

Not only is it crucial to understand your competition, you need to understand your audience and what kind of buyer is most likely to purchase your property. Julie can help you target the right market segment and create a tailored marketing strategy to capture their attention.

A picture is worth a thousand words. From modern staging and professional property photography, to flyers, brochures, property websites and digital advertising, Julie will craft an effective marketing strategy to spread the word about your listing and get buyers in the door.

As a seller in the Pacific Northwest, it’s likely that you’ll receive multiple offers on your listing. Julie will conduct an offer review with you, vetting buyers and helping you identify the offer that works best for you. She’ll also act as your advocate during negotiations, managing contingencies and protecting your interests.

Julie’s full-service approach includes professional project management. She’s an expert at setting deadlines and managing schedules, attending to the details of your transaction so you don’t have to worry. From listed to sold, Julie will ensure a smooth sale that exceeds your expectations.

When it’s time to buy again, Julie is happy to offer her buyer services to you.

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Making Judy Feel at Home

Judy was the original homeowner of a Medina home where she and her husband raised their two children. It had many special memories — so many that by the end Julie and her team felt like they knew everything about Judy and her family. This was an emotional transaction because of what Judy had gone through over the previous ten years. She had lost her husband and her son, leaving the property and all of their belongings to herself and her daughter. Over the course of several months, Julie and her team worked closely with Judy and her daughter, going through their personal belongings in every room. From there, Judy was able to choose what she wanted to keep, donate, and sell. Many of the items were special memories that had a story. Julie and her team managed donation drop offs and sales.

Meanwhile, Julie was able to find the perfect condo in downtown Bellevue for Judy. While Judy was on vacation in Hawaii, Julie and her team finished cleaning out the Medina home, hired a packing/moving company, and moved not only all of Judy’s daily essentials, but all of her personal belongings into her new condo. Julie hung up her special memories, including artwork she had painted over the years and photos of the family that were found during the cleaning process.

Julie also organized/set up Judy’s furniture in her new home. To make her place feel just like home, Julie had Judy’s daughter collect favorite family photos, and Julie’s team had custom frames made to create a gallery at the entry of the new place. When Judy came home from her trip, everything was set up so that she could settle right in. It was the perfect scenario through an emotional process. Once Judy was settled in, Julie was able to sell her Medina home off market with multiple offers.

Sensitive. Strategic. Superb.

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